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So glad you are here!

I’m Katina, your friendly Pharmacist dispensing your Declutter Prescription...organization, décor    and encouragement. 


On any given day, you may find me taking care of patients on my day job as a Clinical Pharmacist AND inspiring others to add joy to their homes with seasonal décor and organizing.

I have been blessed to have a non-traditional Pharmacist job. Part of my responsibilities include conducting complex medication reviews in patients' homes.  Getting organized is my first step in creating the "medication story" to relate back to each patient's provider.  It takes clinical skill, compassion, and tough love to convince my patients to "let go" of expired medications and therapies they are no longer taking or no longer serve them.

I have always loved having clean, cozy, beautiful spaces in my own home. Through the years, friends started asking me to help them create organized yet festive dwellings and they recommended me to others.  When I finally said, "Ok God I get it… I am a Pharmacist, Professional Organizer, Décor Maven, and so much more"...Declutter Prescription was a natural next step.

The magic of Declutter Prescription is that I intertwine my love and skill of organizing with my passion of inspiring others to be well.  My mission is to help every client make their home a haven so they can go out and change the world. 

Declutter Prescription is "just what the doctor ordered" to foster peace and joy in your home.

Are you ready for your dose?



Book Online
Christmas Tree

Quick Fix/Holiday Decorating

3 hours of in-person decor/organizing service

On-site Decluttering, Organizing, and Decorating

Holiday Decorating (Seasonal decor)

Christmas Decor Take Down

 Starting at $175

Well Organized Closet

Declutter Session

5 hours of in-person service

Needs assessment with a customized quote

Purchase suggestions of storage solutions and organizing products prior to the session

On-site Decluttering, Organizing, and Coaching.

General cleaning of organized spaces

Donation Removal and Drop-Off (1 trip)

Starting at $500


Declutter Festival

15 hours of in-person service with three staff persons


Needs Assessment with Customized Quote

​Purchase suggestions of storage solutions and organizing products.

On-site Decluttering, Organizing, and Coaching.

General Cleaning of organized spaces

Donation Removal and Drop-Off (1 trip per session)

Follow-Up Calls.​​


Happy Clients' Homes